Bubba's very first Chronicle

Welcome to the first edition of Bubba's Chronicle. Each month - and every now and then - we plan to not only share with you updates and information about us, but offer you great deals and specials on some of our products that we just know you'll love.

Along with starting a newsletter, you might have already observed some of the other changes that have happened around here at Hillbilly Farms over the past couple months.

The first major change started with the new logo design that will appear on the packaging for our dry mixes. Don't worry, Bubba is not going away. All we did was give him a little supportive signage to help people know he’s with us.

Besides helping to bring brand awareness to our products, we hope that when people see the 1950’s American Diner sign inspired logo, they know, that both the quality and flavor of our ‘Old Farmhouse Recipes’ are on par with what we imagine (or remember) home cooking from that era to have tasted like.

Next, we created a new online store using a different platform than the previous one. By switching some of products to Shopify, we were able to connect and sell our products directly from our Facebook page. Thus, making it easier and saving time for our customers. You can view the new website here.

However, until we can complete the changeover, information about our finished baked goods can still be found on our old website. We know, it’s a little confusing and we thank you for your patience during this process.

Speaking of Facebook and social media in general, we also added an Instagram page to our social media portfolio. Be sure to follow us @HillbillyFarmsBakery to look for deals and specials that will only be found on our Instagram page.

Thank you everyone for signing up to receive our newsletter and thank you all, for all your support so far and we look forward to sharing our journey with you all.


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