Kumquat Goodies

Home of the Original Gluten-free Kumquat Cake Rolls, Whoopies and Pies!!!

One of the first things our family learned after we moved from the New England area to Florida was about the kumquat, and how important it was to the culture in our new community. Who would've guessed that this little, sour - yet, slightly sweet - citrusy fruit would bring together thousands of people to our adopted community here in Dade City, Florida during the annual Kumquat Festival.

Now, years later we have created a wonderful assortment of kumquat flavored baked goods that can either be purchased here, or in person at The Farmhouse Market & Café. 

We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do and please, learn more about kumquats by visiting the Kumquat Growers.


***Hillbilly Farms Bakery Gluten-Free Baked Goods can only be sold in and around Dade City, Florida at this time.***
Local delivery up to a 20-mile radius for free is available from the address below. However, arrangements can be made if more than 20 miles away such as meeting or picking-up at an agreed upon location within the free delivery zone. Once we contact you for delivery, we can mutually agree when and where to meet.
15029 14th Street Dade City, FL 33523